Trust DSi to Help You Put the Pieces Back Together after the Devastation of a Fire

DSi Professional Restoration has been working with homeowners, businesses, and insurance companies for over 43 years to restore homes and personal items damaged by fire, smoke, odor, and soot.

We have seen the devastation, stress, and anxiety that a residential or commercial fire can cause. Our certified technicians will work quickly to get your home or business back to a pre-loss condition. It’s good to know that with one phone call to DSi, you can begin the process of putting things back together.

Extensive smoke damage can be caused by even the smallest fire. Our certified technicians will help mitigate further damage and deterioration with proper emergency procedures. We can inventory, pack, clean, and deodorize all salvageable items and return them to you as soon as possible. We will also inventory non-salvageable items to submit a list to you, the home or business owner, and the insurance company for reimbursement of damaged items.

We have a large storage facility to keep your personal items safe until they can be returned to your home or business.

We also work closely with art, antiques, and other specialized restorers to ensure precious items get expert attention.

Though there is no way to guarantee this disaster won’t strike, there are actions your family can take to minimize the danger and damage of a fire:

  • Change the furnace filter if the blower is operating.
  • Do not consume any food items exposed to smoke or excessive heat.
  • Open windows for ventilation after extinguishing any flames.
  • Do not use any electronics or appliances until they have been cleaned or checked.
  • Inventory and destroy all medications and prescriptions. If you are actively taking your medication make sure to call your doctor to get a new prescription immediately.

Fire Damage Restoration Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How Much Does It Cost to Recover from A Fire?

As with any question with so many variables, the specific cost you may face to recover from a fire in your home or business could vary greatly. Some of the variables to consider would be the size of the fire, the condition of the building after the fire, how successful the firefighters were in getting the fire under control, how the fire was contained, and other factors. The cost for a small fire with minor damage could be as low as a few thousand dollars, which can still be a blow to your budget. However, keep in mind that the cost of recovering from a more significant fire with a great deal of damage can be as much as $50,000 or more. Also, keep in mind that not only do you have to consider the costs of repairs to the structure to get your home back, but also any of the items of value that you have in your home that may have been damaged that need to be repaired or replaced.

When considering the costs of recovering from a devastating fire, you should consult with your insurance agent to learn about what your policy currently covers. Then, you’ll have to decide whether or not you should make changes to your current policy to ensure that you’re completely protected in case of a fire in your home or business.

If you’ve experienced a fire, you should contact your insurance agent regarding your policy and a professional restoration company that can give you an estimate based on the damage that occurred and what needs to be restored for you to get back to your life.

Q: How Do Fire Restoration Companies Restore Your Home After a Fire?

The devastation that a fire leaves behind can seem overwhelming. A question that often gets asked is how a fire restoration company can restore your house after a fire. A short answer is by having a plan. First, your home will be evaluated after the fire, and a personalized restoration plan created using the information gathered from the assessment. Once your home has been assessed, the next step typically is securing the property. This action may mean boarding up broken windows, tarping the roof, installing a perimeter fence, and other ways of sealing up the home and blocking entry. Not only does this help keep unauthorized people from entering your property, but it also helps to keep the weather and wildlife out of the structure. Leaving the building open to the elements could allow the existing fire damage to be compounded by the wind, rain, and animals.

Next, we’ll go about removing any debris. After any ruble and debris are removed, the home is prepared for the next steps. This step means demolishing any damaged walls and structures and handling any water damage from the fire hoses. Drying out the building is essential as you don’t want to let the water continue to damage the surrounding area. After everything is dry and damaged structures are removed, it’s time for smoke damage removal and general clean-up, such as cleaning the soot and smoke from vents and sanitizing surfaces to prevent mold growth. These actions then prepare the way for the final steps: construction and repair. Your home will go from devastated to looking back to normal, if not better.

Q: How Long Does It Take to Rebuild After a Fire?

Several factors go into how long it can take to rebuild your home or business after a fire. The critical factor is the size of the fire and the amount of damage the building sustained. In addition, it also depends on who is handling the restoration process. A professional company with prior experience with rebuilding after a fire will be able to have a quicker timeline than someone seeking to address the restoration themselves when possible. In general, you could expect a reputable restoration company to take a few days to restore a home after a small fire, a week to a month to restore a building after a medium fire, and several months or longer for a large fire. Of course, the exact length of time will differ based on the fire damage, so the best way to determine a timeline for your home after a fire is to speak with a professional restoration service. Not only will they help to give you a better understanding of the timeline for completion, but a quote on how much it will cost for the restoration process.

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