Water Damage? Follow These Tips for Water & Sewage Restoration!

Water and sewage repairs are serious business and serious science. Backups can be the source of additional damage and health hazards if not mitigated properly. It is essential to begin the drying and dehumidification process as soon as possible to limit damage to structural components and household goods.

DSi technicians are trained and certified in the science of drying and will stabilize the damage to keep it from progressing further.

A structure is not necessarily dry once the visible water is gone. Crawlspaces and basements often require many days of dehumidification. Frequent monitoring of moisture levels is imperative. Our equipment and testing instruments are the best and most current the industry offers and assures you of a complete and thorough dry out.

If You Have Water Damage


  • Call a plumber or other service to stop the source of the water.
  • Contact DSI Professional Restoration’s 24-hour emergency response.
  • Turn off the electricity to any affected rooms.
  • Contact your insurance company.
  • Place aluminum foil under the legs of wood furniture in contact with the carpet: furniture stains cannot be removed from carpet, and you will limit the damage to the furniture.
  • Remove potted plants from wet carpet: potting soil can permanently damage carpet.
  • Move small items and breakables to allow us to begin our work ASAP.


  • Come in contact with the water/debris more than necessary: ground water and sewage are sources of bacterial contamination.
  • Use a household vacuum.